new horde of installations

Yesterday I decided to install the new IMP webmail client on a server that I administrate. I used to have Horde 2.2.X rel and IMP 3.2.X versions along with some other goodies that horde project offers (mnemo, kronolith, etc) but the new IMP 4.X needs a newer horde platform (version 3.X). I started downloading the necessary tarballs and then unpacking them. I thought that an “upgrade” would be feasible…and it was…until I did “something” wrong. I was fiddling with the new webbased configuration of the new horde…I had already made IMP 4.X work with the new horde…when I did something and everything stopped. I tried to recovery some backup config…but without results.
So I started from the beggining making a clean install. After about an hour everything was working great apart from some cosmetic bugs but all looks great now. I’ve also imported some horde preferences from the old installation (I had kept an sql backup of that database before I dropped it) so that some users did not lose their filters.
Most interesting feature of the new IMP is (for me) the pgp/s-mime support. I think it’s the first webmail client that supports pgp/s-mime encryption/decryption/signing using your keys. I’ve used it’s pgp features and it works great. No problems at all with any operations I’ve tried.

great work by the horde project. I recommend the update from any old imp to the newer version to anyone using his webmail for something more than just “funny emails”.

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