MRTG Traffic Totalizers

It’s been a few months since I am gathering stats from our local wireless network using mrtg. Last night was the BIG night…the day I wanted to see some stats. Some real stats from the data each client transfered.
1) Change to RRDtool. Okie it was my fault not having it done from the very first time but no data were lost during the swap 🙂
2) Get yourself 14all.cgi to graph your collected stats (just like simple MRTG produces pngs…14all.cgi produces pngs from rrd files. If you can’t get what I am talking about visit RRDtool homepage and study..).
3) Get MRTS (example)
4) Get (example)

Now configure all these…and you will have really beautiful stats and total traffic reports. How to configure ? RTFM.

Btw…I had some prob with rrdtool and 14all.cgi. If some entries in your apache error_log look like this:

/usr/bin/perl: relocation error: /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.49/lib/perl//auto/RRDs/ undefined symbol: Perl_Gthr_key_ptr

Then you have a perl “version” problem. You might have more than one installed. Check whether the first line of 14all.cgi points to the proper perl binary.