Phrack is dead

With an announcement made on friday phrack magazine announced that they will publish only one more issue.
For some people Phrack magazine may mean nothing at all. For others it was a must read during times where it was quite harder than now to find sources of usefull technical information on various subjects. Phrack was a magazine not only about computer hacking (or cracking possibly) but about a certain technology lifestyle.
Everyone will agree that phrack was on a decline period for several years now, older editors quitted, got bored, or whatever…and the newer ones can’t keep up with the old publishing rhythm or with the older “status” this magazine had. It’s true that for at least the latest 3 years, if not longer, phrack staff was lacking of inspiration. There were no articles to blow your mind like the “good old days”. I don’t believe that there are no interesting topics nowdays…but it looks to me as if the editors are not good enough for this job. They’ve turned the magazine to elitistic look and feel. The editors themselves don’t write anymore, and since they don’t..who will inspire the newcomers to sit down and squeeze their minds ?
It’s too bad that n00bs and l33t guys have taken over the universe. Where are the tech freaks ?