Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse

Les Rivières pourpres 2 – Les anges de l’apocalypse is a sequel to a great movie but unfortunately this movie is BAD. It was supposed to be a thriller…and noone in the cinema made a slight sound to express fear. IMHO, it’s mostly a cop adventure. A bad immitation of american cop movies. It reminded me of some of Morgan Freeman’s movies where there’s some dark evil and the policemen are always behind it but can’t catch it and blah blah blah. The plot was hilarious…someone should tell the producers that rain from itself doesn’t make a movie spooky. It rained constantly during the movie…and that’s too cliché for a cop movie. The cops were STUPID. They had the bad guys in front of them (3m away facing front)…but hey…we never shoot…let them run away again…another 5minutes of running people on the screen. Actors should get extra payed for this movie…they seemed to run lots of kilometres. The movie has more than 15minutes of running people (the producer must be a fan of Lola rennt), it has another 5 minutes of a french cop playing karate with another bad guy and so on…The humour that existed in the movie was “hollywood cops” style, dumb jokes for dumb people. Oh, and something else…I didn’t know that amphetamine made people run and jump like spiderman…I’ll go to the local drugstore to buy some and then jump from roof to roof…seemed like lots of fun…

Don’t go see it…don’t even rent it…AND don’t download it (omg ppl download movies from the net ? unbelievable). IT’S CRAP.

I was lucky to go see it on non-rush hour and payed just 5 euros instead of 7. I saved 2 euros…pheeeewwww.