Linux in Europe vs Greece

While reading the news you can see that more and more European Governments/municipalities are planning to switch from Windows to Linux. As a recent example you can take Vienna and Munich (,1759,1635246,00.asp)
In contrast to what’s happening in Europe and ignoring all the efforts of the local community(, trying to convince the Greek government even for some “tests”, the greek Government signed last year a major contract with Microsoft for supporting it’s ministries with “windows servers” (tell me if it’s even rational to talk about windows “servers”..). What the prestigious greek government would earn from that ? hmmm, probably some highly rated officers/ministers got a great ammount of money in exchange for the “deal” they made…and secondly …the Greek Government (Ministry of Development) was given the right to see parts of the code of windows xp/2003. And here comes the big question…WHO will see that code? what will a minister (this link is the Ministry of Transportations and Communications.It doesn’t even have an english translation for foreign visitors and these people decide the technological future of us…damn) do with that code…what will he understand…and how much more secure does that make him feel ? It’s rhetorical…we all know the answer.

There are times I feel pity for myself for being a greek at these “modern” times.

P.S. Here is the link with the original announcement of the agreement.

*Edit: California Government “Explore Open Source Alternatives”, omg…Arnie can think more than our politics…

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