2 WordPress patches (hacks)

I am using wordpress for this blog and I am quite happy with it. But I had some special requests and I couldn’t find any hacks for what exactly I had been looking for.
What I wanted was the ability in password protected entries to protect the title name from the spying eyes of evil people (or search engines). I didn’t want people to be able to see the title of the entries they weren’t supposed to read.
I also wanted to stop the sometimes annoying auto-completion of tags when creating a new entry. I sometimes wanted to post fractions of code that were not complete and sometimes the results were different from what I had originally entered.

That’s why I asked the help of Angelos since I am a VERY lousy php coder.
He made these patches true. And here they are:

Vedic Maths

Reading a yesterdays article on Wired about indian students learning Vedic maths to crack the university exams I was intrigued (as a math student myself) to find out what these maths are about.
Googling a bit brought me to this page: http://www.vedamu.org/Mathematics/course.asp
It’s an explanation of the sutras (formulas) vedic maths use to make various calculations with your own mind a LOT faster. After reading a bit I was able to calculate multiplications of 2 2digit numbers in under 2 seconds without any paper writing with ŨRDHVA TIRYAGBHYĀM (e.g 43*33=1419).

There are various other formulas inside there and it’s really worth reading if you are a math student of you need maths for your work. It’s a time saviour!