Doom 3 + blog tweaking

I’ve been playing Doom 3 since monday night I got back from vacations.
I was thirteen when I first played Doom I, and I was so excited to play the sequel of the game that I “grew up with”. I installed it…tweaked the options and fired it up. First impression ? AWESOME gfx,sound and very very very very scary atmosphere. But that was not the Doom I used to play or was it ? I still can’t decide. The monsters are now (that I’ve moved a bit further in the game) begining to look like the old ones, the guns too. So from that point of view I should be very happy, and I am. What looks strange is the tunnel-like pathways. There are no open-air places. As far as I can remember there were places in doom where you were in a large open place shooting monsters coming from all over the place. I haven’t seen anything like this so far. (There is an exaplanation though for this…everything is taking place on Mars in a big complex that provides oxygen and outside of it there is no breathable air…but what the hell..aren’t there big places in this complex ? 🙂 ) Furthermore…weren’t there secret places in Doom ? I’ve only found one or two places pretty “hidden”, that “weren’t so easy to go”…but it’s not like old Doom games. Something else now…What the hell are these PDAs ? Whose idea was that ? They are really annoying as far as gameplay is concerned. I admit that they make the game-scenario much better…but hey…this is not a’s a game…it’s supposed to be fun. Someone in a forum said that Doom3 looks like Halo with the atmosphere of original Doom. He might be right, but still I can’t make up my mind about this game…I’ll keep playing.
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My friend Angelos has tweaked wordpress a bit to help me with privacy issues. I wanted the entries that have a password to protect them not to show up their title to users that view the blog and don’t have the password. Now if they don’t have the password all they see is “Protected”. I may post the diffs (if I get his permission) in the next days.