More Security updates

Firefox (0.9.3) and phpMyAdmin (2.5.7-pl1) were the next packages to be updated on my machines.
I also tweaked some apache settings for this domain ( I played a bit with ssl support and created some directory directives to protect sensitive data…like the phpmyadmin dir.

<Directory "/foo/bar/lol/phpmyadmin/">

While playing with apache and SSL I’ve found out that you can’t use different certs for virtual hosts hosted on the same ip/port (link1, link2. I guess that’s why we are asked so many times on the web to validate a cert that looks like it’s coming from another host. They are probably sites hosted on the same machine and wanted both to use ssl, so they chose one of the FQDNs and stuck with it.

I also changed all the urls of this blog to follow the https scheme. Security … Privacy … Unknown words to most people surfing the “Net”.

Security updates

This morning while I checked the news I saw that libpng and putty clients needed updating due to security issues. Libpng is of course the most important and needs the classic make;make install in all machines that I have that use libpng…I hope it won’t break anything else, pffffff.


Have “fun”…