Finished Doom3 + airpwn

This morning after about 25 hours of gaming (since monday night) I finished Doom3. As one get’s further and further into the game I’m sure he will like it more and more, like I did. The beggining of the game is quite dissapointing but you “get your money back” later on. The Hell level is one of the best levels I have ever played in a game. The graphics are awesome. There were times I just looked at the screen doing nothing more than enjoying the gfx.

some pics from Hell level:
doom3 Hell level
doom3 Hell level

Just play this game…Nothing more nothing less.
There are now various mods on the net for just about everything. My favorites are :

  • Doom 3 Retail Gore Mod
  • Doom 3 Minimizer v1.1
  • I guess that in 1-2 months time there will be even different (and good) playable scenarios based on doom3 engine/game.

    Does anyone else noticed the connection between the movie “Event Horizon” ( Review ) and this game, or is it just me who thinks there is such a connection ? Teleporting allows Hell enter the world of humans and so on and so on…

    Airpwn is a nice tool that was presented at defcon 12 this august.

    Airpwn is a platform for injection of application layer data on an 802.11b network

    And it works!
    Check this site for more: airpwn. Don’t forget to take a look at the images…These guys were pwned. heh.

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