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For the past 1,5 years I’ve been messing (again) a lot with IPv6. The first time I started looking at the protocol was back in 2002-2003 when I was working at the Network Operations Center of my university. I had set up a couple of links between routers and tried various connectivity experiments mainly using some Cisco routers and Linux boxes. This time I started looking at it more seriously, mainly because I wanted to add support for it on the xDSL Linux-based routers/CPEs the company I currently work for produces. (GENNET, yes I know that the company’s website is UGLY…or worse than that…).

The task wasn’t easy, lots of backporting and fixing on both kernel-space and user-space had to be done. Luckily my colleagues were very helpful when I needed them. I have to say though that the main obstacle on working on it were not the technical difficulties but trying to convince our management that they had to give me time to work on it. It took a while (months…) to convince them but the end result is that all our models are now IPv6 capable. I am pretty glad that our product is referenced at the website of the first Greek ISP to start experimenting with IPv6 (Gennet OxyGen on Being presented on the same page as the Cisco and the AVM CPEs is not bad at all!

Out of this process I learned quite a lot on IPv6, so when Dimitris Kalamaras, the editor of the new Greek Linux magazine Linux Inside, asked me to write an article for the first issue of the new magazine, there wasn’t actually a choice. I would write about IPv6, and so I did. I had written articles in the past for another Greek Linux Magazine called LinuxFormat, which was an adaptation of the English one. I’ve put the pdfs of my previous articles at my blog under Presentations/Articles.

My article is about the history if Internet Protocols (IPv4, IPv6), which were the needs that drove IPv6 development and a small intro to some of the changes that the new protocol brings to our life. There is also some information on how to connect using tunnels and so on. The article serves just as an introduction to IPv6, if there’s feedback I will write something more extended and maybe more technical. The timing of the article couldn’t be any better, magazine was out in the streets on 02 February 2011 and IANA pool run out of IPv4 addresses on 03 February 2011. Just perfect!

I will publish the pdf of the article along with my other articles on magazines/newspapers after a couple of months have passed, just to be fair with the magazine’s publishing company. Until then, go buy the magazine, there are many interesting and original articles inside it.

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  1. February 6th, 2011 | 18:43
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  2. February 6th, 2011 | 22:47
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    Really, where can we find this firmware?

  3. February 7th, 2011 | 00:36
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    Since Gennet is a wholesale retailer, it doesn’t provide custom firmware to end users but only to ISPs. So the IPv6 firmware is not publicly available yet since no ISP has asked for an upgrade for its users. Maybe you can ask for some “beta testing” at broadband[at]gennetsa[dot]com though.

    I’d be more than glad to share the firmware but unfortunately it’s not my decision…

  4. February 7th, 2011 | 16:21
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    Well, since my ISP (Wind) doesn’t support it, it doesn’t matter but I asked just in case.

  5. February 13th, 2011 | 08:28
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    Most ISP’s don’t support IPv6 yet, however it is upto us all know to encourage it and not hide. At some point soon we will all be using it as it becomes the new internet backbone!!! Great reading thankks..

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