Opera-ize your Firefox and an awkward chat

Yesterday I installed a new firefox extension. Fasterfox gives firefox a nice speedup. Now it can almost be compared to Opera. Anyway…I think this extension is already my second favorite extension…after the Bugmenot extension of course.

Yesterday I had the most awkward chat to date. My friend Charis (aka Charmed[]) was on a plane from US to Germany and flying over the atlantic when he started chatting with me on my Greek Jabber server . I was amazed. That was so cool. Internet on a plane, what’s better than that when flying for hours and hours ? Watching boring movies ? naaah…
He was more than 30 hops away from me when I tracerouted him, with more than 3 seconds lag, but what the hell…it’s far better than nothing 🙂
I wish I could have internet here in Greece inside trains, planes, etc. Last time I travelled from Athens to Thessaloniki by train my mobile phone was unable to work throughout the whole travel because there was no signal…Internet on a train here in Greece is like 20 (light ?) years away from the current situation…

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