Worst Restaurant ever?


isn’t that the worst restaurant ever ?? would you ever go eat there ? Even McDonald’s is better than this crap.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Open Source is coming to town!

Just take a look at the savings of a school using Open Source compared to what it would have payed if it used MS products!

Schools save with Open Source

That’s a nice present for the educational system economy…But I guess some contracts are more powerfull than a few more computers educating students.
Have you forgotten the contract between Microsoft and the Greek Government ?
Just take a look at all these wonderfull things the Greek Government gains!

  • Instant access to source code for the most current versions, beta releases and service packs of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows CE.
  • WHO is going to take a look at the source from the Greek Government ? The ministers ? for WHAT ? auditing ???

  • Expansive disclosure of technical information for the engineering-level understanding of Windows architecture
  • Now THAT’s usefull. Learn how a buggy system works. An excellent education plan. Learn from other people’s mistakes.

  • Enhanced ability to conduct security and privacy audits and to design, build and maintain secure computing environments
  • Oh ok..now I feel secure. Our government conducts audits to maintain “secure computing environments”…wow! I guess that could not happen on any other platform..right ?

  • Opportunities for visits by government representatives to Microsoft development facilities in Redmond, Washington
  • Yihaaa!!! Let’s travel to Redmond! Free tickets for the ministers! And their families ? Their little children ? won’t they play with uncle Bill ? …who cares about the rest of the citizens ?

    enough. Get a life and start working for your citizens than your already full pockets.