Warcraft 3 on linux

I’ve finally managed to play warcraft 3 on linux with pretty decent perfomance…

First of all install the game using Cedega. Read this one more time…I’ve said C E D E G A. NOT wine.

After installing using your registration keys, go find a nice no-cd crack from www.gamecopyworld.com. Install that too and you are set. If you have problems patching warcraft to it’s latest version use a symlink from the cedega c_drive c:\Program Files\Warcraft III to the cedega c_drive c:\war3\.

This small script will make your life a bit easier too:

# edit the next path
pushd /PATH/TO/CEDEGA/c_drive/war3
#cedega war3.exe -opengl
#cedega w3l.exe -opengl

UNCOMMENT 1 of the 2 cedega lines. The first one is for use with Warcraft III The Frozen Throne and the second one if you use a loader for pvpgn (read below). You HAVE to uncomment one of those 2 lines, OK ??

If you want to be able to play with friends on your own battle.net server, set up a pvpgn server somewhere and use a pvpgn loader to start warcraft. If you don’t use a pvpgn loader you WILL get an error about being “unable to connect”.
Last but not least, add these 2 lines to your /etc/hosts:

X.Y.Z.W uswest.battle.net
X.Y.Z.W Europe.battle.net

Where X.Y.Z.W is the ip of your pvpgn server. Have fun!

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