The revenge of Internet Explorer

Who thought that my e-banking troubles were over? huh…
Today when I logged in I saw that I was able to create client certificates to verify money transfers. I can’t do money transfers without this certificate that the bank provides. So…I clicked on a few links with firefox…and ooooops…ERROR…I couldn’t create a certificate with firefox. It couldn’t find the “proper” security devices. I tried with my firefox @ work where I have windows installed. Same error. Then it was time for Internet Explorer. click click click…and I had a perfect certificate. I couldn’t export it though to use it with firefox. So Eurobank forces me to use Windows and IE to make money transfers. I DID NOT SIGN THAT on the agreement. I don’t have the money to buy windows @ home, I use Linux, period. It’s tooooooooo bad that they have some nice security features on their site…like virtual keyboard for typing passwords with a mouse, so you can’t get “sniffed” but they can’t make their site usable for all users.
I am going to call them tomorrow to ask them what can I do, if there is any hidden “link” that works with firefox and can provide me a client certificate…else…I will start looking for a new bank with better e-banking methods that will fully support Linux…and transfer my money there. What’s the use of having my money in a place I can’t “access” them ?

That’s the error message I get (it’s in Greek, sorry):