Playing midi files at Gentoo linux

My new phone, Sony Ericsson K700i, supports polyphonic ringtones, mp3 or midi, so I downloaded a few from the internet and I wanted to upload them to the phone. Before doing so I also wanted to listen to them on my box. I had never tested playing midi files on my box so far so when I tried listening to them “out-of-the-box” I ran into problems.
I started reading Gentoo Linux ALSA Guide again.
Basically I just had to:
#emerge awesfx

and then load a soundfont … which is a good soundfont though ? Googling around I came up to this site which has a lot of information on soundfonts and has 2 great soundfonts available for linux. They might be BIG…but it’s worth it if you want extra high quality. The difference between those offered at PersonalCopy and the one provided by creative and included at alsa-project is just HUGE.
Just try them with:
# asfxload 8MBGMSFX.SF2
# asfxload UNISON.SF2

and play the same file…You’ll hear the clear difference.
You can use kmid to play the files and/or a collection of midi files. Don’t forget to choose your midi output device though…
# aplaymidi -l will give you the complete list of midi devices in your box. Before choosing the “correct” midi port in kmid try all out with:
# aplaymidi -p midi:port file.mid