Linux, Firefox and MathML fonts

After Angelos decided to install MathML in his blog, I decided to install the proper fonts in my Gentoo linux in order to read it.

After some googling I came up with this article from bugzilla:

I was able to follow it and install all necessary fonts apart from the Symbol font. I don’t know what this guy means…and yes, I’ve read previous posts before this and still can’t get it. The thing he says about the .font.conf here ( doesn’t seem to work for me.
Anyway…my solution was to ask Angelos to give me his symbol.ttf font from his windows pc and install it where all my truetype fonts are. Then I simply followed this:

[1] ‘Symbol’ truetype font also works if you remove the comment for the
following lines in file (in $MOZILLA_HOME/res/fonts)
#encoding.symbol.ttf = Adobe-Symbol-Encoding
#encoding.symbol.ftcmap = mac_roman

Now my Firefox is ready for MathML.

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