Solved some problems + usb floppy raid

1) The Gaim-encryption problem was solved for good. When both ends upgrade to newer version on both gaim and gaim-encryption everything works perfectly. (Gaim 1.2.0 with Gaim-encryption 2.35 works just fine)

2) I figured out the problem of my mrxvt transparency problem. Inside my fluxbox startup config I had this naughty line:

/usr/bin/bsetroot -solid black

I just commented it out and I now enjoy my beautiful pseudo-transparency even when I move my terminal around the screen. 🙂

Now here’s something that IS funny…or sick…or call it as you want.
One guy made a raid0 array out of usb floppy drives. Yes, yes, yes…you’ve read correctly…USB FLOPPY DRIVES.
Here’s the link to the weirdo: USB FLOPPY DISK STRIPED RAID UNDER OS X

just enjoy…

(how did he test the speed of it ? using a Devo mp3 song… What else could it be ?)