More on linux desktop

I’ve recently upgraded my fluxbox to 0.9.12 which has antialiasing support 🙂 Fonts look a lot better now on the titles and menus.
After some world updates (where gtk+ was upgraded to version 2.6.2) vlc did not open up it’s neat gui. I had to re-emerge wxGTK and re-emerge vlc (version 0.8.1 works pretty smooth now).

I’ve also tried tuxracer version 1.1.1. It’s not as fun as ver 0.6 (it’s a lot slower and courses take more to finish and one can get easily bored), but I kept it cause it has head to head duels 😉

But there’s something that “bothers” me…Should I use:

ACCEPTED_KEYWORDS=”~x86″ emerge world

or just

emerge world


Anyone has any experience on this ?