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I’ve been doing no great stuff lately, just some software upgrades to my desktop machine.
Following this guide I’ve installed Native POSIX Thread Library to my gentoo box. I can’t say whether there’s been any difference at all. I don’t think so, maybe because I might need to re-emerge some programs ? I don’t know…and I am not in the mood to find out right now. I just hope there will be a use for what I’ve done.
I’ve also upgraded my ati-drivers(8.10.19) and xorg(6.8.2). I am dying to find a solution to the Composite xorg extension with ati drivers. When I enable these in my xorg.conf:

#Section “Extensions”
# Option “Composite” “Enable”
# Option “RENDER” “Enable

I lose hardware opengl support and the desktop starts crawling. When I try to enable xcompmgr these problems get even worse. Xorg becomes unusable even with a simple xcompmgr -c. I know that such stuff is eye-candy only and there’s no real gain in having them…but hey..why should only people with nvidia cards have them ? I am jealous. ATI GET TO WORK!

Something else I can’t solve is how to have my rxvt (or mrxvt) keep being transparent even when I move it. Take a look at these 2 screenshots:


The first one is what I see when I open mrxvt. The second is what happens when I move the terminal.
I would like to be able to have mrxvt showing the “wallpaper” behind it even when I reposition it. Anyone has any idea about this ?

Oh and more problems ? Why can’t Gaim work with Gaim-Ecnryption from version 1.1.2 and above? I’ve tried all combinations…1.1.3 with encryption 2,32,2.34,2.35, 1.1.4 with 2.32, 2.34,2.35…and still the only version that works smoothly is 1.1.2 with 2.34. I’ve unmerged and re-emerged it a LOT of times without any luck. Is it only me having these problems ? I couln’t find anything relative on google nor on any lists/forums. I hope it will be fixed with version 1.2.0 that came out a couple of days ago…
Looks like it is a known issue with jabber and gaim-encryption:
I am currently using 1.2.0 with 2.35. I’ll edit again if it finally works.

And now that we’re talking about Gaim…wouldn’t a gnomemeeting plugin for gaim be a great idea ? to right click on a buddy…and ask them to accept your invitation (in fact you will ask them to show you their ip) to go voice-chatting ? Anyway … just an idea.

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  1. Kyriakos Oikonomakos
    March 19th, 2005 | 19:15

    Uncle siv has the solution at hand:

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