Firefox bugs(?) + AV software + Blog trackbacks

Firefox problem number 1:
When I first installed firefox I did not notice masterpassword setting at once. So I had some passwords saved on a few sites without it. I’ve noticed though that even if I use a masterpassword now…If I don’t enter a password and visit those few sites, firefox auto-completes my username and password. If it’s not something I am doing wrong I consider this a bug. Since I’ve set a masterpassword why not protect ALL previous passwords ? Anyway…my temp solution was to delete those passwords from firefox’s internal database and enter them again after I have typed a masterpassword. Firefox now never auto-completes them without the masterpassword. I hope I have time later on to figure out how firefox descriminates passwords prior and after masterpassword being set.

Firefox problem number 2:
I used to have great problems watching wmv videos inside webpages. I could see .mov movies fine with firefox…but wmv was a real pain. They sometime played…they sometimes did not…Most times firefox crashed after loading a page with a wmv inside. When it did not, it filled my memmory and reached more than 200Mb of VM Size in Windows. I had this idea today to check on the dll that is responsible for wmv files.
So, I typed about:plugins, scrolled down…and there it was
C:/Program Files/Windows Media Player/npdsplay.dll
Then was the time to find an update.

Windows Media Player Plug-in for Netscape Navigator

That did the trick…Firefox now doesn’t crash and stays at normal VM size.

Another thing I changed was the Antivirus software I use. I changed from Norton to Kaspersky. I think Kaspersky is much much lighter than norton and my system gained some “fresh air”.

I’ve also had new “comment” attacks on my blog using trackbacks. So, I had to disable trackbacks. WordPress enables each blog entry to have its own rules about trackbacks and comments…so I had to change all previous rules of my previous posts to disable trackback. That’s easy to do with a small sql command:

UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `ping_status` = ‘closed’ WHERE `ID` >0

That’s it for now…