Over and out

Exams are over. How did I do ? not as good as I expected. In fact they went pretty bad. Good thing is that I have sorted some stuff about my studying in my head. I convinced myself to study for hours…which I had not done for a long time. Maybe the results could be better…but I won’t give up now.

Enough with personal stuff though.

A friend of mine, Thocharis (or theo as he signs his weblog, knows the author of the “kost-it” program that I’ve blogged some time ago and contacted him to ask him why he does not offer the program any more, as I mentioned in my post. His reply was that 3M threatened to sue him because “kost-it” violates the copyright of “post-it” and that he should stop providing it to other people. He also asked if I can remove the link from my blog. I find that pretty stupid from 3M but I have to agree with the author so I will remove it from my previous post.

I am going to rebuild my desktop linux system. For the time being I will write down what I definitely need so then I’ll be able to make a plan of what to install and what to do/change. Anyone has any special suggestions for a “new” must use proggie in a linux desktop system ? I am kinda oldfashioned and console-only guy…but this time I feel it that I am going to make a change…use X-windows 🙂