Various stuff I have in my mind

I have exams lately…so I need a place to express some stuff I am thinking and doing. And this is the place. Bare with me for another 10 days…then exams are over 🙂

Here’s a list of interesting stuff I have done/seen lately:
1) Kost-it: It’s a post-it like small proggie for windows. VERY usefull if you have lots of stuff in your head. I write them down there…and I remember to do them when I have to…or when I can. At least I don’t forget them. The bad thing about kost-it is that it’s developer has removed it from his site..(he’s probably insane or whatever). But since it was free, I downloaded it for free, I can provide it to you for free…I hope. Well if he’s got probs with this he can tell me.
Here’s the link to Kost-it version 1.87!

#Edit 08/02/2005
Read this post where I explain why the “kost-it” download link was removed from my blog. Blame 3M.

2) Firefox extensions
I introduced firefox to some people and of course I got feedback. One of them was using the Avant broswer so far and she was used to double clicking on tabs to get rid of them. There should have been a extension like that I thought…and there is! Tab Clicking Options!
Another one was barking on my ear about empty tabs being opened when you download something. I had noticed that too…I think it’s really silly. Oh well, there’s an extension that solves this too. And this must go inside the firefox source. What’s the reason for opening new tabs when u won’t use them ?
Disable Targets For Downloads. Neeeeeeeeext.

3) I’ve also played with IP-aliasing on linux for our local wireless network. It was fun…but the reason I did it is quite complicated, so I’ll blog about it when I have more time.

4) I’ve also set up some QOS rules for our local wireless network using tc and packet mangling from iptables. I change some TOS bytes for certain services using iptables and have created some simple filters to handle traffic using tc. It looks like our Cisco 340APs are aware of TOS bytes because people inside the wireless community have noticed a slight improvement when it came to concurrent downloading and voice chatting with a group of people on teamspeak or end-to-end voice over IP using h323. I’ll have a thorough look at it when I have time…I was happy that there was an improvement after all with those rules I’ve entered. I had no previous experience with these tricks on linux and I am not sure how I can “monitor” improvements. I’ll post my rules (both tc and iptables) when it’s finished, until then you can check on Wondershaper. We shall see what I’ll manage to come up with in the next couple of weeks…

5) ISDN call monitor.
I wanted a proggie that would tell me who’s calling me. I am really getting annoyed by certain people calling me to tell me how to do this and how to do that…and why doesn’t that work …and blablabla. Finally I have a way to monitor who called me when I was not at home and a way to avoid stupid people making stupid questions and eating up all my time. I know it sounds egoistic…but hey…if they would call you at 1 o’clock after midnight to ask you how to setup a prog on windows wouldn’t you be annoyed ? This is the answer I’ve found: ISDNCid. If you have a better one…PLEASE tell me.

That’s it for now…wish me luck, I’ll need it!

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