A new telecommunications era is rising ?

What if you could make phone calls from your home at Berlin to New York from someone’s phone actually living in N.Y ? And what if he got free minutes to do the call and both of you had internet connections ? Let me think…

Berlin--> VoIP (free) -->N.Y.--> Traditional Call (free)


Is that an end-to-end free call ? Is it ? Oh yes…Baaad users…using technology to cut down costs ? baaaaaaaad.

Now, take a look at Bellster. It’s what I’ve just told you…but in a p2p form. You register yourself in the network…you donate your “free minutes” and you can call WHEREVER you want in the world for …. free! Everything is based on Asterisk opensource PBX. What Bellster only does is choose from which PBX-gateway your call is going to go through. So let’s say I can donate 5E per month for local calls (you define where the calls can only go to, you can restrict it to city wide, or nation wide or whatever you want). I frequently call my parents or my friends in my hometown. If just one of them places an asterisk and we both on the bellster…then we have national calls cut down to local, not just for me and them…but all the other bellster users. Imagine this getting bigger and bigger by the day. It’s a MASSIVE blow for telcos. The only downside of the project is that Asterisk needs an almost dedicated linux machine, and it is not the easiest thing in the world to configure. But I bet that while this is getting larger and larger asterisk will get both easier to configure and with even more capabilities.

Is this awesome or what ? We are getting robbed by telcos for over-paying something that is relatively cheap. Now it’s the time for them to feel like we did all those years…I know that it is really hard for this Bellster network to expand because it needs some tech backround…but there are millions of ppl nowdays that can surely set this baby working.

Go Go Pulver!

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