being forgetfull…

Yesterday I updated php to one of my machines to enable freetype and GD support. On that system I also had IMP webmail. I had forgotten the exact flags I used when I compiled the older php version I had at that machine, so the webmail did not work with the new version. After some googling for the error msgs I got, I found out I needed to add –with-imap and –with-imap-ssl flags to the configure script. I run the script but it couldn’t find the imap libs…I was sure I had them someplace…but where ? I found out where my imap sources were and recompiled imap. Then added some dirs after the flags


And recompiled php…restarted apache and expected the webmail to work. Nope…it didn’t.
I opened up the servers.php file of the imp configuration, read the comments once more and changed the server type. It needed a /novalidate option because my certificate was self-signed. I wonder why it worked earlier….who knows….

btw, the latest php 4.3.9 seems a LOT faster in many scripts, nice 🙂

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