Blog comments update

The official php coder of this blog has made a change in the way comments are being posted. agorf has added a checkbox that you HAVE to uncheck in order for your comments to be posted. Else your comment get’s ignored.

No more comment moderation! I hope we won’t get outsmarted by the spambots…at least for a while!

Cheers and thnx to agorf!

PAT-NEEDS-YOUR-HELP + blog comment notes

I guess that most of you reading my blog are already aware of Patrick Volkerding’s health problem that he chose to make public. (public announcement). I am not an MD but I think that he’s a bit overreacting here. He went to 2-3 MDs and noone told him exactly what he had…and he googled and found it ? Is this the way we will get medical treatment in the future ? Google our symptoms ? I wonder why a man like Patrick can’t get proper medical diagnosis, either the US medical system is a TOTAL wrack or Patrick chooses to go to the wrong ppl at the wrong time to examine him.

Anyway…I hope he really gets well because he is a very important part of the linux community. Slackware is more than a simple distribution…it’s more like a symbol for linux and without Patrick this “symbol” will get lost…

A friend of mine in his blog (out.of.sync) says that he is against blog comments in general and user comments could be posted on their own blogs. Well I disagree with this for 2 basic reasons. First of all not all ppl that are able to express an opinion on something they see written on a blog, have a blog of their own. Whether they should or not is a very long discussion and am I not willing to start it here. Secondly comments make the blog alive. Someone can corrent you on something you have written. Trackbacking is not always that usefull, and I wouldn’t really like visiting blog search engines every day to see whether someone has posted a note about my ideas and posts.
Comment spamming is a serious problem for blogs…I’ve had 2 attacks so far (but only one showed up on the blog because when the second attack hit my blog comments were already under moderation). I wonder if it is possible to have a hack for wordpress that will only allow someone to post a comment when he writes on a text field some numbers that are created randomly on a image (using gd probably). Another quicker solution would be to force ppl that want to write comments, to write some predefined text to another field under the current ones. I think that the spambots on the net are not able to scan for extra fields in blog forms apart from the predefined ones in them. Any php coders around ? 🙂