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Today I am going to become one of the most hated people in the University. My supervisors told me that I have to block the free downloads from and to the dormitories. The traffic from and to the dormitories the last months is growing really fast and that annoys a lot of people (it’s almost 35% of the university traffic), that’s why they will only be allowed to have access to remote web servers(http,https) and ftp servers. There’s even a chance that they will use a transparent squid proxy for all these. I think that such drastic solutions will create more problems than solve. It would be wiser if people were warned before these actions so they would auto-regulate themselves.
Anyway…we will see.

I have the links from the GrNET-Tech and IPv6 meeting presentations…
GrNET-Tech Presentations
IPv6 Presentations

I have no more “tech-news” due to the classes I have everyday that take up all my time. I don’t have the time to “create” anything new…I hope I find some …soon.