spambots were pwned

Today my blog “suffered” a flood from spambots trying to post ads…but unluckilly to them…NO posts were “allowed” in due to the new patches. There were 81 unique attempts to post a comment.

Better luck next time boys!

Today my best friends’ gf got her university degree…We are going out tonight to celebrate…I wonder when I’ll get mine…I hope I’ll have mine by Feb 2006 or sooner. We shall see! For the time being I have to study for my exams starting on December 1st. Wish me luck…

being forgetfull…

Yesterday I updated php to one of my machines to enable freetype and GD support. On that system I also had IMP webmail. I had forgotten the exact flags I used when I compiled the older php version I had at that machine, so the webmail did not work with the new version. After some googling for the error msgs I got, I found out I needed to add –with-imap and –with-imap-ssl flags to the configure script. I run the script but it couldn’t find the imap libs…I was sure I had them someplace…but where ? I found out where my imap sources were and recompiled imap. Then added some dirs after the flags


And recompiled php…restarted apache and expected the webmail to work. Nope…it didn’t.
I opened up the servers.php file of the imp configuration, read the comments once more and changed the server type. It needed a /novalidate option because my certificate was self-signed. I wonder why it worked earlier….who knows….

btw, the latest php 4.3.9 seems a LOT faster in many scripts, nice 🙂