and again?

ohhhhhhhhh yes…the damn spambots found a way to bypass all measures agorf had taken. So it was time for the gd library to come in handy.

I found a patch for wordpress that creates a random text string on one image and someone has to copy that text to a text field to “validate” his comment.
The url to the patch is here:
Then I had to install libjpeg, freetype,gd and recompile the latest php to use all that…DAMN these spambots!

Let’s see how long it will take until the spambots find ways to figure out text out of images…I am not sure if I really want this to happen or not …If it happens it will be a great improvement for AI in general…but all that authentication measures based on images will go down the drain….

Btw I’ve learned today that gentoo is not a “random” word for a distro…but rather a “penguin race”…You can find some info here:

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  1. November 26th, 2004 | 17:49

    […] s…but unluckilly to them…NO posts were “allowed” in due to the new patches. There were 81 unique attempts to post a comment. Better luck next time boys! Today my best […]

  2. agorf
    November 25th, 2004 | 11:15

    You just need OCR -not AI- so be ready. 😛

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