Annoying spam from Magenta

Magenta is a greek software company which among others has a product called OfficeSuite 2008 Professional, which is based on OpenOffice. Nothing bad in that. This is very good news indeed.

The last couple of days though they have been spamming the “Greek internet” with emails about their wonderful product. I got the same spam to at least 4 different emails and mailing-lists that I am subscribed. It’s very very annoying. It is also known that magenta’s people have been reading emails on some of those lists, they have used them in the past, but none came forward these last couple of days to say that they are sorry for spamming us and that it won’t happen again, etc, etc. Advertising is one thing, spamming is something very very different. I expected that company to be a bit more serious about their marketing tactics, shame on them.

All spam emails come from the address: If any mail administrators are out there…PLEASE PLEASE block them.

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  1. October 31st, 2007 | 15:44
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    I’ve personally contacted Magenta and it’s important to note that they are willing to work with anyone who complains to undo the “damage” caused by all the spamming.

    I’m not sure they fully understand all the ramifications of using unsolicited email for advertising and promotion of their product lines, but at least there’s a moderate amount of good will.

  2. December 16th, 2010 | 15:24
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    I just came across this (outdated) post. I would like to express my apologies to anyone feel disturbed by receiving promotional emails by Magenta. Most of our emails come from our clients or people interest in our work, in a way or another contacted us in the past.

    In any case there is always an option letting anyone to REALLY unsubscribe from our list.

    Reagrds, Panagiotis

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