iloog-7.10 is out!

iloog is a Gentoo-based LiveCD produced by the Ioannina Linux User Group (I.L.U.G.), targeted mainly at students and scientists. Our purpose is to create a multi-purpose tool that will suit the needs of our growing user-base through an intensive development process that follows the “release early, release often” paradigm of open source software.

After four months since the last iloog version (7.06) the new version is out with lots of interesting changes.

  • First of all with the help of mikeg iloog now has squashfs-lzma support. That means that we have better compression on livecd so we can fit more tools inside. With squashfs-lzma we managed to fit another 100-150Mb of new utilities and libraries.
  • Isolinux now has a menu with many new options and diagnostics.
  • Of course there is an updated kernel, 2.6.22, with support for many new chipsets.
  • Booting sequence optimization. Booting should now be a bit faster.
  • New firmware for some usb adsl modems and wireless dongles.
  • For the first time there is bootsplash support. Graphics were created by
  • Some changes in the older iloog scripts and 2 brand new ones. The first changes X keyboard layout settings during an X session and with the help of fbxkb one can now visually change language keymaps by clicking the flag icon on Fluxbox’s tray. The second one called is used to start X windows using the Xvesa (kdrive) server. It’s targeted mostly at older systems with 64Mb RAM or less.
  • Some changes to Fluxbox’s theme to make it look cleaner and better.
  • Lots of new packages, among others: Opera, sjphone, java-1.6, pcmanfm, pidgin, powertop, filezilla, unison, ocaml, openobex, obexftp, sobexsrv, etc, etc
  • We even have a CD-label for iloog-7.10! Thanks again to

This is surely the best iloog release so far. I would like to thank Fuzz, mikeg, QED and Ulv from ILUG for their help whether it was implementing new features, giving ideas or beta testing and the people behind for their help with graphics overall.

Some screenshots:
iloog-7.10 isolinux bootmenu

iloog-7.10 loading

iloog-7.10 login screen

iloog-7.10 Xwindows with Fluxbox and ROX

iloog 7.10 vmd qtiplot

You can find more screenshots of iloog-7.10 at ILUG’s flickr gallery: iloog-7.10 at flickr

Download links at iloog’s site: