Acrobat Reader Enterpise in Gentoo, bye bye Yahoo toolbar

Following a post found on Digg about downloading the Enterprise version of Acrobat Reader I decided to install that on my Gentoo box.

First step was to download the tar.gz Linux version of Acrobat Reader Enterprise edition. Then extract it someplace. You will also need to extract the 2 new tars inside that directory as well. Now login as root (su -, probably) and make a backup of your old /opt/Acrobat7. Now go to the directory where you had the previous tars extracted and find a directory called Reader. Replace all files inside /opt/Acrobat7/Reader with the new ones. Do the same with the /opt/Acrobat7/Resource dir as well.

Now, if you don’t have openldap support in your box, go to /opt/Acrobat7/Reader/intellinux/plug_ins dir and do a chmod -x PPKLite.api. That will save you from an error message when acroread starts.

That’s it. Say bye bye to Yahoo Toolbar…

I am not responsible if following what I say here makes you do illegal stuff , violate Licenses or burn down your linux box.

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