my experience with the

Rule-Project is about running current linux distributions on old machines. I was invited to this excellent project by the current president of HELLUG, mr Richard Kweskin.

Using the old laptop I blogged sometime ago about using it for some wireless networking, mr Richard started the installation of Fedora Core 5 using the special script that the rule-project distributes. Using the normal installer of fedora, the installation aborted immediately by the system notifying me of not having more than 128Mb of RAM. The slinky script of the rule project though was able to finish the installation and provide me a console. Then came most difficult part. Setting up X windows. Rule-project uses kdrive in replacement for Kdrive is a set of lightweight X servers with minimal set of features that are pretty fast and are not taking up a lot of RAM.

I am now very happy to have finished setting up kdrive with blackbox window manager. I provide you some pictures of the ancient laptop running Fedora Core 5 with kdrive 🙂