collectd ebuild

Last night I decided to create a gentoo ebuild for collectd. It’s the first ebuild I create…so bare with my errors…

The ebuild is here:

To emerge it follow these simple steps:

  • add PORTDIR_OVERLAY=”/usr/local/portage/” to your /etc/make.conf
  • mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/sys-apps/collectd/files
  • download the ebuild and put it inside /usr/local/portage/sys-apps/collectd/
  • download the rest attachments and put them inside /usr/local/portage/sys-apps/collectd/files/
  • cd /usr/local/portage/sys-apps/collectd/ ; ebuild collectd-2.1.0.ebuild digest
  • emerge collectd
  • I think the ebuild is not “stable” yet…it has only been tested on 2-3 x86 machines so I’ve added the ~x86 keyword for it…

    Feedback is more than welcome…thanks!

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