Uzbl to you too!

I’ve been trying uzbl for the last few days and I am pretty much impressed on how useful such a small application can be in certain usage cases!

I installed it on my Debian testing using the following blog post: Installing uzbl on Debian Squeeze .
Be sure to make install else you’ll have no config and uzbl will be unusable!!!

The first place I used it was for the urlLauncher plugin of urxvt. On my .Xdefaults I have the following piece of code:
urxvt.perl-ext-common: default,matcher,-option-popup,-selection-popup,-realine
urxvt.matcher.button: 1
urxvt.urlLauncher: /usr/local/bin/

and my /usr/local/bin/ contains:
uzbl "$1"

Now every url on the console get’s highlighted and I can open it with uzbl. And that means opening really fast!

urxvt terminal (tabbed by fluxbox) with some urls highlighted by the perl matcher plugin of urxvt:

left clicking on one of the urls opens it with uzbl:

Apart from that, I’ve started using uzbl to open links on instant messengers, IRC clients and in every other place that people send me simple links to check out or I need a fast browser instance. Some people might say that it looks like links2 graphical mode, but it’s NOT like opening urls with “links -G” because uzbl is based on webkit and that means it can deal with javascript, java, flash, whatever…

I just love the way you can keybind all the actions you want on it…on the example config that comes with it, you quit the browser by typing ZZ…how great is that ? 😀

Some usage tips
1) Tabbed behavior (if you have fluxbox):
In ~/.config/uzbl/config add
bind t _ = spawn uzbl --uri %s
and in ~/.fluxbox/apps add the [group] tag before the [app] tag for uzbl like that:

 [app] (name=uzbl) (class=Uzbl)
  [Workspace]   {0} 
  [Head]    {0} 
  [Dimensions]  {800 1284}
  [Position]    (UPPERLEFT) {0 0}
  [Maximized]   {yes}
  [Jump]    {yes}
  [Close]   {yes}

Now the command t inside uzbl, will open a new tabbed window of uzbl with loaded in it.

2) Close uzbl window with ctrl+w
In ~/.config/uzbl/config add:

bind     ctrl+v ctrl+w    = exit

(press ctrl+v ctrl+w one after the other and you will get something like ^W in the file)

P.S. If you are a person that just came from the point and click windows world to the beautiful world of linux, or you are a person that loves bloated desktop managers like KDE/gnome/etc or bloated applications like firefox/iceweasel/konqueror don’t even think of installing it. You’ll never understand its value…
P.S.2. If Richard Stallman decided to browse the web and had an internet connection uzbl would probably be his browser of choice 😛

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  1. September 17th, 2009 | 11:48
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 3.0.14 on Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu Linux

    I think calling Firefox a “bloated browser” and GNOME a “bloated DE” is, at best, an overstatement.

  2. September 17th, 2009 | 22:37
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 on Linux Linux

    Wow, I didn’t know fluxbox had such a useful tabbing feature. looks cool.
    I wish there was a crossbreed between this and wmii. Wmii is quite flexible, a great tiler, but doesn’t have a tabbing feature 🙁


  3. September 17th, 2009 | 23:01
    UsingUnknown browser

    Take a look at the following screenshot:

    Uzbl tabbed by Fluxbox

    Btw, thanks a lot for publishing your config files and guides..they are extremely helpful for uzbl newbies like me 🙂

  4. September 25th, 2009 | 11:19
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 3.0.14 on Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu Linux

    @aggelos: kargig has a natural allergy to any window manager that doesn’t start with flux* 😛

    there are many lightweight browsers (both gecko & webkit) but we are stuck with firefox because of its features. nevertheless it’s nice to have an alternative browser, like uzbl, installed when all we need is fast browsing.

  5. twin
    September 26th, 2009 | 01:23
    UsingUnknown browser

    nice tips kargig! It’s a lovely browser. (I just installed it from aur 😛 )

    nice site btw! I’ll b coming back for more.

    Γιαννιώτες visitors++

  6. December 8th, 2009 | 16:56
    UsingUnknown browser

    uzbl is in gentoo’s tree now 😉
    its also my primary browser 😛

  7. May 11th, 2011 | 00:15
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12 on Linux Linux

    @ aggelos,
    if you look at the scale … from lightest to heaviest… firefox is up there in the top crowd. it is up there with the bloaters. features/weight ratio tells all.

    @ deiter,
    have you tried ion3? iirc it might meet your needs (was years ago i tried it. i could be wrong).

    …i’ve been meaning to drag my lazy ass outta firefox for a while… firefox4 encourages this move even more.

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