First Post with Opera

Hello all, this is my first post with the Opera Browser. It’s the first time I install it and I only did it because yesterday Opera celebrated it’s 10th Birthday and gave away registration keys for free. I would never install a browser that’s adware, and now that I had the chance to legally have the full browser in my hands…I thought I should give it a shot.
My first impressions are quite good. It’s certainly faster than firefox, eats less memory, it’s quite stable with plugins like acrobat and mplayerplug-in…and it has a nice interface. I can also visit some webinterfaces of machines like cisco 340AP that firefox could not. Firefox needed to enter the login/password everytime I went to a different page in the webinterface…but Opera does not have a problem with such things. It also has built in mouse gestures, where in firefox I had to load an extension for this.
I had around 7-8 extensions in firefox that made my life easier. The only thing that I really miss in opera is the BugMeNot extension :(. I haven’t really looked into Opera so I don’t know if it’s possible to load “extensions”…if there is a way…I am sure someone will write a BugMeNot one.
The only problem I faced so far was at my e-banking site. It did not load the menu right…I don’t know if this is an Opera fault or mine. Maybe some javascript setting. I will look into it though.

That’s it for now…I go back to studying…September exams are coming. Good luck to everyone.

Xorg and fluxbox speedup with gentoo

I’ve lately noticed that my fluxbox was a bit slow…when opening up terminals, when opening up firefox, or even when entering the wm.

I did some changes and the problem has been significantly reduced:
1) edit /etc/hosts and make sure there are lines like these: localhost koko.lala koko

2) re-emerge fluxbox with disablexmb flag:
#echo "x11-wm/fluxbox disablexmb" >> /etc/portage/package.use
#emerge -Dv fluxbox

3) check your font paths inside xorg.conf for any incosistencies and symlink loops

4) if you have a system with a lot of ram change vm.swappiness. I use:


inside my /etc/sysctl.conf

5) I’ve also done this to fine tune my memmory settings, if you feel brave can do that too:

echo 4096 >> /proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes

my system now boots faster and I whichever application I use has a noticeable speed difference.
Have fun with gentoo!

Christian Spam

Today I had my first, and hopefully the last, christian spam.

From : Meet Christian Singles
Reply-To :
Sent : Thursday, August 18, 2005 6:12 PM
To :
Subject : Christian singles. A match made in heaven.

As promised, your faith and perseverance will pay off. Finding the right match is no different. Sign up now and choose from thousands of possible like-minded singles looking to share their life with you.

YIAKS! I am no christian and I am not a single. I don’t believe in heaven and crap like that.


just pathetic…