HOWTO mount iso images with rox

1) create the file

echo "Mounting $1"
ln -sf "$1" $STR
mount /mnt/image

then chmod +x and put it in your /usr/bin/ directory

2) edit your /etc/fstab file and add an entry that looks like this:

/tmp/iso_image_link /mnt/image iso9660 ro,noauto,user,loop 0 0

3) open up rox and find a .iso file. Right click on it and go to File/Set Run Action. Then type there: "$@"

Now when you click on an iso file inside rox that will call which creates a symlink from the file you want to mount to /tmp/iso_image_link. This way the “name” of the iso is always the same (/tmp/iso_image_link). The entry on the fstab file sets a static mount point for the iso images.

This way you can mount dynamically named iso images through the /tmp/iso_image_link symlink.


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