Update on Greek Spammers Email Addresses Blacklist

The pet-project of GrRBL,which is an IP-based blacklist, The Greek Spammers Email Addresses Blacklist, previously described at a previous post of mine, has grown to 400++ verified addresses of Greek spammers.

From now on, apart from the usual rsync access to anyone who asks for it, there will be a public link on the web with a PGP/GPG signed list of the spammers for anyone to get. The public link will not update as often as the list from rsync, probably once or twice per month is enough.

For anyone who wants to read a bit more: http://grrbl.void.gr/#email_blacklist.

Direct link to the signed Greek Spammers Email Addresses Blacklist.

Don’t forget to read the disclaimer and to submit greek spam at GrRBL Submission.

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