Politicians may forget, we don’t

Mr. Christos Berelis, a minister in the previous Government wrote an article in a newspaper criticizing the current Government over it’s agreement-contract with Microsoft and for it’s lack of open-source use inside the Government. The article (in Greek) is called “On Microsoft’s Tank” (my own translation), and it’s posted here Berelis’ article.

Mr. Berelis probably “forgets” what the government signed with microsoft when HE was a minister. Did he write any articles back then criticizing that agreement? Of course not! Here’s the agreement: Greek Government Announces Strategic Cooperation with Microsoft for the Security of IT systems. What’s even worse is that the agreement of Mr. Berelis’ Government regards Security. An IT section where microsoft has admitted is way behind it’s competitors.

Enough with lies. Face the reality and admit your mistakes. If you want to criticize the current government you MUST first criticize yours and accept your mistakes and apologize for them. Until then you are just trying to harvest some lazy voters Mr. Berelis. ENOUGH.

Old post about this: Linux in Europe vs Greece

Cedega Warcraft III 1.20e nocd patch

Following a previous post of mine Warcraft 3 on linux
The latest warcraft III patch (1.20e) did not work with the old nocd 1.20c crack I had…

Follow these steps if you have the same problem….

0) Get/buy the latest cedega. It’s worth it if you play games on Linux.

1) Replace your old war3.exe with the original war3.exe from your last patch (you haven’t deleted it, have you ?)
2) Download http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_120c_to_120d_English.exe and http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_120d_120e_English.exe
3) Create a shortcut for the updater executables
4) Run each updater once.
5) Get this nocd crack: WARCRAFT.3.V1.20E.ENG.HELLKILLER.NOCD.ZIP
6) extract files in your game dir
7) Play 🙂

Tested with pvpgn too 🙂

Some changes have been made to eurobattle.net, so in order to play you have to apply this patch as well:
to execute it under cedega just create a new shortcut that points to the .exe file that you get after you extract the .rar file…