fixing gentoo’s php mess

OK…there’s one thing gentoo is REALLY messy. And that’s php support. In fact it’s so crappy at the current time, that it’s almost imposible to use PEAR without a ton of user “hacks”, unless you can find someone else to do it for you. There are lots of packages still depending on the old dev-php scheme…and some newer depending on the dev-php4 or dev-php5. So when one tries to install dev-lang/php with some pear packages he might need, a pear package might request installing dev-php/php too. So you end up with 2 php packages, php5 and php4! Anyway…if you really want to setup the latest php support in gentoo you should do it with gentoo-php-overlay. I got bored of trying to fix gentoo’s php packages to depend on dev-lang/php and not dev-php/php using regular expressions to edit the ebuilds and re-digest them on my local PORTDIR_OVERLAY.
Someone should really fix gentoo’s php support SOON.