More fun with a usb key: pam_usb, hotplug and xlockmore

Uncle sivitos introduced the idea of using hotplug with the usb key. So here we go:

Insert this to your sysctl
kernel.hotplug = /usr/bin/usbhotplug
and then emerge xlockmore.
Now go to your /etc/pam_usb/handlers/, and edit it so the start function looks like this:
su - USERNAME -c "xlock -display $DISP"

where USERNAME is the name of the user that you start X with…you don’t still use X as root…do you ?

Now plug and unplug the usb key to see what happens. Normally when you unplug it your X session should be locked and you should be asked for a password. Then , when you plug your usb key back in … you should be able to return in your X session after 1-2 seconds of delay. Try it and tell me whether it works for you too 🙂

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