new dlink AP900+ firmware hack

A guy from Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network with nickname Acinonyx published his hacked firmware for dlink AP900+ rev C that:

  • is fixed so that the transmitting and receiving antenna is the same and the one you pick from the web interface
  • changes left -right antenna with internal-external
  • One can specify the power output from max (17dbm) to min (1dbm) in both Access Point mode AND client mode!!!
  • Changed stats to display total packets instead of “good packets”
  • If you can read Greek check here:
    To DOWNLOAD the firmware:

    a screenshot:

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    1. February 2nd, 2005 | 23:47

      title-blip blop
      OLE OLE!

    2. DImitris
      September 20th, 2005 | 09:47
      Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows Windows XP

      The site has changed. The correct links are
      (you must register in order to download)

    3. site admin
      September 20th, 2005 | 10:06
      Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 on Linux Linux

      It’s even better if you use his homepage:

      thnx for the correction though.

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