software improvements

In order to read rss feeds in windows I have a client called Abilon (and yes it’s freeware!). I really like it’s clean design and it’s features. It’s neither bloated nor lacking features.
I had a problem with it though when it came to reading some rss feeds that were on https sites. So I thought I should give it a try and contact the author. I have done this with many other progs …but I never got such friendly and fast answers as the Abilon programmer gave me. The problem was fixed within a day…and it’s christmas! (the new version available on the site “2.5.3 build 196” has got no probs with https sites any more, at least all my sites are working perfectly right now)
It’s great when you send your suggestions to improve a program that you use and like and the programmer responds in a very polite and helpfull manner. It’s a big big + (plus) for Abilon that it’s programmer listens to people suggesting him some changes. Imho it’s the only way to improve a program…listening to requests…