The World’s Smallest P2P Application + unix file wiping

While reeding my rss feeds today I came up to this interesting article. 2 guys wrote a p2p application in 15 lines of python code just to prove how hard it is to restrict p2p apps. Everyone can write or customize one. It may not be fancy with buttons and stuff like azureus…but it surely is achievable. Buttons and colors and and and….can be added at any time later on since the base application works.

There was an interesting thread on bugtraq too these last days about secure file deletion on unix system. It’s pretty interesting and there’s some clues about ZFS, the new solaris 10 FS. One of sun’s engineers says that they will add secure file deletion support sometime in the future inside their FS utils. Where does linux stand here ? I am not aware of any such future thoughts for it. Don’t linux users have sensitive data to protect or is it that linux is silently becoming so much a “desktop-OS” alternative to windows and forgets some of it’s main goals like security ?

And again rises the same question…is “wiping” enough to protect our files or should we all create and use encrypted partitions/loops for our disks where we will save all sensitive data ? It’s far better to “wipe” (or think you’ve wiped) some encrypted crypto-loop than thinking you have deleted your new ATM card’s PIN or your company’s financial data or…or…..

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