GrNET VNOC meeting + Ipv6

During the past weekend I went down to Athens, Greece to attend the vnoc (virtual noc) teams of GrNET meeting and a meeting about ipv6. GrNET is the ISP/company that interconnects all greek universities and big research centres in Greece. It is the place where true broadband links (up to 2.5Gbps) in Greece take place and one of the very few “places” in Greece where you have the chance to work with real hi-tech equipment as well as to meet people with advanced knowledge of networking.

The convention-meeting-conference-(give-your-own-name-here) was fun and tiring at the same time. The speeches started at 9:00 in the morning and finished at 19:00 in the afternoon. In order for me to get where the speeches took place I needed about 1 hour from the place where I lived during these days. So it was kinda tiring to have to travel for so long and then listen to various speeches for about 10 hours (including some breaks of course).

The most interesting day was day1. All the speeches were about the backbone of the network and about new services (like QOS, VoIP, MPLS, VoD, and many many others) that were already implemented or being designed. It was a great experience to find out about new technologies that will help this network grow bigger and more efficient.
The second day about ipv6 was kinda troubled. It had originally be designed for concurrent sessions-speeches, introductory and more advanced ones, but the place where the speeches would originally take place were taken over by some students protesting about how people are kept inside jails in Greece, so the speeches had to move to another building that had only 1 auditorium. So some speeches were skipped and introductory and advanced ones were mixed to one session. The most interesting speeches were about ipv6 mobile ip and about an ipv6 ip security draft (Network Address Protection) presented by a cisco engineer.

I will post the link to the place where the presentations will be uploaded when I get informed about it(possibly in the next couple of days). Some of those should be read by anyone wanting to implement some serious services to his network whether in Greece or not…

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