New voice chat for our wireless network

Some of you might know that I am part of the local wireless network in the city I live. Until today we used Ventrilo for our voice chats. The problem with ventrilo is that it only accepts 8 simultaneous connections…no more than 8 people can join the server in the unregistered version and we are more than 10 and have lots of friends joining our chats from all over the world (arizona, london. germany, etc,etc). We tried to contact ventrilo to register it…but they don’t accept any further registrations (!?!?!).
quote from their site:

Update: At the current time we are not accepting any new license applications. Any other licensing issues should be directed to the account.

I had set up TeamSpeak but we never used it because we had some problems. We had not managed to set up correctly the NAT(+ port forwading) from the dsl (that connects us to the Internet) in order for people coming from the Internet to be able to join our conversations. I just did that 5mins ago 🙂
For an unknown reason whenever I used the default ports for listening I saw no packets (using ethereal)came from the dsl to the box inside the wireless…the ISP probably has some kind of firewall to that port…who knows why though…so I changed the port the Teamspeak server listens (which wasn’t that easy because I had to “guess” that I can only change that through the webinterface and not through the .ini lying inside the dir the program runs….d0000000000h). At least now it’s fully working!

happy voice-chatting for us!