Something was wrong…

The blog had a prob and I couldn’t login. I really don’t know what ‘exactly’ was wrong…but I created a second database and started moving the data from the old db to the new bit by bit. Export – Import…Export – Import. Finally I got it working…
Then I exported both the working db and the non-working one, diff-ed them and saw that for a strange reason the last post I had made on the old db had gone between two others…like that:
(49, 1, ‘2004-08-28 17:10:26’, ‘2004-08-28 14:10:26’,
(57, 1, ‘2004-09-05 01:03:37’, ‘2004-09-04 22:03:37’,
(53, 1, ‘2004-08-31 03:46:59’, ‘2004-08-31 00:46:59’

Everything looks ok now…let’s hope it stays that way 🙂

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