Bad Routing HOW-TO

I recently bought a Linksys WRT54GS as an AP but until placing it on the roof I use it for testing. What I had done and was absolutely wrong was this:rnIn my configuration I had 2 pcs behind the switch ports (of Linksys) and the whole Linksys machine connected to another switch of mine. On that second switch my wireless client and another 2 pcs are connected (already confused ? 🙂 ). What I had been testing were the routing capabilities of the linksys. Due to my fault I had set up linksys to route all traffic (LAN & WAN instead of just WAN) through a gateway far away on the wireless network. With that setup I had perfect pings for machines behind the (linksys) switch ports (1ms) but lousy pings (10-20ms) for the linksys switch itself. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I pinged -r the switch IP…what I saw was that the packets were going from my pc to the switch…then to the gateway on the wireless network and back to my pc…
just try to imagine this:
PC1–switch(1)–WRT–switch(1)–my wrls client–AP(1)–remote wrls client–gateway router–remote wrls client–AP(1)–my wrls client–switch(1)–WRT–PC1

Nice heh ?

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