Packing things up…

Last night I went with a friend of mine to a club-bar in the city where it said it would play electroclash, gothic, ebm, industrial…etc. I can’t say it was bad. There were like 20 other people there listening to that music. Well some of them were there accidentally, but it’s ok. Some thought that ebm was like rave and tried to dance it like dancing rave or trance, pffffff. Some others (rockers, or heavy metal guys) thought they were listening to drums and they were headbanging all the time. In fact I think that less than 5 people including the DJ had ever heard that music again and knew what they were listening 🙁 …But the music was good. Mostly ebm…few industrial songs, but I am happy with that. Maybe next time it will be better.

Tomorrow’s the big day… I am FINALLY leaving for vacations! Currently I am writing some mp3s to my minidisc to take with me. First disc is almost full of Atari Teenage Riot. Here’s the playlist:

1. Atari Teenage Riot - Start The Riot (3:38)
2. Atari Teenage Riot - Deutschland (Has Gotta Die!) (3:02)
3. Atari Teenage Riot - Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture (3:51)
4. Atari Teenage Riot - Not Your Business (2:32)
5. Atari Teenage Riot - Heatwave (2:43)
6. Atari Teenage Riot - Atari Teenage Riot (3:35)
7. Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself (4:30)
8. Atari Teenage Riot - Into The Death (3:26)
9. Atari Teenage Riot - Speed (2:48)
10. atari teenage riot - raverbashing (3:26)
11. atari teenage riot - cyberpunks are dead (3:35)
12. Atari Teenage Riot - no remorse (live in new york 99) (5:37)
13. Atari Teenage Riot - revolution action (live in san francisco 99) (4:44)
14. Atari Teenage Riot - paranoid (7'' remix) (3:07)
15. Atari Teenage Riot - sick to death (remix 97) (5:55)
16. Atari Teenage Riot - no success (digital hardcore remix) (4:18)
17. Atari Teenage Riot - redefine the enemy 97 (3:53)
18. Lightning Bolt - Saint Jacques (5:09)
19. Lightning Bolt - Ride The Sky (5:17)

The next discs will be hocico, dulce liquido, Velvet Acid Christ, suicide commando…or whatever else comes to my mind.

I am really bored to pack clothes…but I have to…and I have to carry a lot other things with me (torch, tiny machine to make coffee, etc etc). I hope I won’t forget anything behind.


Just found out that my last post wasn’t broke the rss feed. Some symbols (the “greater than” and “less than” weren’t parsed properly so I had to convert them to “(” & “)”.