Summertime reading

I just went out to buy a book for the summer. Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” was for a long time inside my head and I wanted to read it…so I bought it. Reviews look spectacular, so during summer vacations it will be fun to read it, hopefully.

What’s really interesting is that the bookshop I bought it has a website . Of course it is under construction…like 90% of greek e-commerce sites, but hopefully, sometime it will be functional and I will be able to see what’s new every week.

I am also writing a few cds in order to make some space and prepare for the “after my vacations” format. It’s been a while I want to format my main pc. I have a spare disk exactly like my boot disk, so a software (or even hardware, my motherboard has integrated raid controller) raid looks like a great idea.I’ll try not to think about how many OS I am going to install yet, time will come.

All set

The machine was moved to it’s place and it is up and running. Everything worked smoothly. Let’s see how long will it stand this time.
A second disk was installed for nightly backups, I will have to make it work though and write a few scripts for it.

First transfers have already been started…