Playing with Synergy on Gentoo and Debian

I currently have Gentoo/x86 on my desktop system and Debian/testing on my laptop. I wanted a way to be able to use the laptop’s trackpad to control the cursor on the desktop or to use the desktop’s mouse to control the cursos on the laptop. Thankfully I was able to do that with Synergy.

On Gentoo:
# emerge x11-misc/synergy
On Debian:
# aptitude install synergy

My config is pretty simple. That’s Debian’s (hostname lola) /etc/synergy.conf:

section: screens

section: links
        right = athlios
        left  = lola

section: aliases

When I want to control athlios (desktop) from lola (laptop), I start synergys on lola, ssh to athlios and start synergyc lola. That’s it, I can then control desktop’s mouse and keyboard from laptop’s touchpad and keyboard. When I move the lola’s cursor far to the right, the cursor starts moving on the desktop. Then if I start typing on the laptop’s keyboard I am actually typing on the desktop. Moving the cursor far to the left of the desktop’s monitor, the cursor starts moving again on the laptop.

A problem that I faced was that some keys (Left and Down arrow) stop repeating if you press them continuously when you start synergyc. The solution is posted on the synergy article on gentoo wiki. You just have to type: xset r 113 (left arrow) and xset r 116 (down arrow) to activate them, then move your mouse to the synergy server and back to the synergy client. If you try typing on the machine where the synergy client has started using its keyboard you will see that repeating doesn’t work at all. Just type xset r to get it back working if you need it.

For people having more than one machine on their desk, synergy is a real salvation in order to stop switching keyboards and mice all the time.

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  1. apoikos
    September 12th, 2009 | 16:49
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    Yeap, synergy is a really useful tool. I remember having reset a machine at least twice because I thought it had crashed, while I was actually just staring at the machine’s monitor and typing on another machine’s keyboard 😛 PEBKAC

  2. September 12th, 2009 | 18:36
    Using Opera Opera 9.80 on Linux Linux

    the problem i have with synergy is that it keeps losing the connection. TOO often. it looks as if the damn server just drops the connection for no good reason and doesn’t allow the client to reconnect. I’ll have to put this damn thing to debugging one of these days. for now it’s killall -9 synergys; synergys

  3. September 27th, 2009 | 09:21
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